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Fantasy league TV - How it works

Signing up:
First thing to do is register your details and then you can login to pick your team, this process only takes a minute, you can register here

Picking your team:
Pick a team by logging in to you account you will then see a link to create a team, follow this and you will be presented with a selection of available players you can choose 8 normal players and 1 star player - Your star player will get double points compared to what they would get as a regular player.

Earning team points:
Points are allocated to all the available players depending on their on-screen actions, for example points will be issued if a player buys a drink in the pub, has a fight, gets a kiss and so on - after the episodes on TV we will total the points each player has accumulated and your teams points will be added to your team total, you can view the points system here.

Extra points:
Extra points can be gained by playing our quiz - there are 10 questions every week each worth 1 point, bear in mind you only get 1 chance to play in each quiz, if you have more than 1 team in your account, the points you get in the quiz will be added to each team you own.

Changing your team:
You can login to change your team every month depending on who you think is going to score big that month - Our points are based on Friday's episodes, as soon as our points update has taken place we will send all players alerts letting them know so you can view your league status and login to enter the weekly quiz if you want - Teams can be changed in the manage my teams area.

Using more than 1 team:
Feel free to add as many teams as you like, although only activated teams will be eligable for prizes.
Each team you add is just 3.25 per month, you can activate your teams from the manage my teams area

Monthly prizes:
The top 3 scoring teams every month in each league will be our monthly winners, Prizes will be distributed as follows:

1st Place: 70% of total prize fund
2nd Place: 20% of total prize fund
3rd Place: 10% of total prize fund

If there are any questions regarding methods of play, rules etc please contact us