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Fantasy league TV - Points system

Appearing in the programme:

All characters appearing in the episode will score 1 point.

Getting the drinks in:

Any character who orders a drink at the bar scores or is seen to be having a meal or drink in the pub gets 2 points for every round they order or every drink/meal they have.

Having a meal or drink in the cafe:

If your character is seen in the cafe eating a meal or having a drink they will score 3 points for each separate instance

Kissing another character:

Both characters directly involved will score 4 points for each seperate occasion

Having a fight:

Both/all characters directly involved in a scuffle will score 5 points for each incident

Getting killed off:

If your character happens to get killed off you will score 25 points, obviously this character won't be able to score any more points for your team though (unless they come back from the dead - or it was actually only a dream sequence)